Astrocade Multicart
Developed by RetroKidz

     This is a multicart for the Astrocade sold on the 8-Bit Domain website.

RetroKidz Multicart (Ebay Auction) thumbnail A PDF of an ebay auction for one of the multicarts before they were available for sale. This auction was held in May 2006. The "Buy It Now" price was $74.50 (plus $7.50 shipping).
Multicart - By RetroKidz thumbnail A PDF of the 8-Bit Domain webpage that sells the mulicart. This is dated September 28, 2007. Here's a link to the main page of 8-Bit Domain. To view the multicart, browse to the products section.
Multicart Game Listing - By RetroKidz thumbnail This list was posted to the forums on Monday March 19, 2007 3:40 PM under the topic "Bally Astrocade Multicart ++ for sale."

There seem to be at least two versions of this multicart produced, so your cart may not match this list.
Multicart Game Listing (reordered) - By RetroKidz thumbnail Switch order reversed (was 87654321) by Richard Degler - February 16, 2008

Note: for setting DIP switches only! Use original list for game numbers!! ie. FLYING ACE is game #1 not game #128 ($80, 80h or 0x80 in hexadecimal)