Astrocade Screenshots - 'S'

Skunk (Alt. Version) - New Image

Skunk 01 Skunk 02
Skunk (Revised) - Loading Screen
Skunk (Revised) - Player One Turn

Slot Machine - Video Wizards

Slot Machine
Slot Machine - It's The Dollar Slots

Sonic Satellite - George Hale

Sonic Satellite 1 Sonic Satellite 2
Sonic Satellite - Number of Sonic Bombs?
Sonic Satellite - The City

Space Chase - W&W Software Sales

Space Chase
Space Chase - So Many (Purple) Stars!

Space Creatures - Video Wizards

Space Creatures
Space Creatures - It's An Invasion!

Space Gauntlet - The Tiny Arcade

Space Gauntlet 1 Space Gauntlet 2
Space Gauntlet - No Gauntlet Yet
Space Gauntlet - Portion of Gauntlet Appears
Space Gauntlet 3 Space Gauntlet 4
Space Gauntlet - Gauntlet Nearly Fills Screen
Space Gauntlet - Gauntlet Fills Screen

Star Siege (Revised) - The Tiny Arcade

Star Siege (Revised) 01 Star Siege (Revised) 02
Star Siege (Revised) - Just Starting
Star Siege (Revised) - Game Over
Star Siege (Revised) 03 Star Siege (Revised) 04
Star Siege (Revised) - They're gonna get me!
Star Siege (Revised) -

Stranded on Rigel 5 - Sean Walsh

Stranded on Rigel 5 - 1 Stranded on Rigel 5 - 2
Stranded on Rigel 5 - Landscape
Stranded on Rigel 5 - Enter Code to Begin Game

Super Slope - Esoterica Ltd.

Super Slope 01 Super Slope 02
Super Slope - Title Screen
Super Slope - Starting Down the Mountain
Super Slope 03 Super Slope 04
Super Slope - Just Crashed!
Super Slope - About to Hit a Tree
Super Slope 05 Note about Super Slope:

The "garbage" on either side of the track is actually the program's code! This game is written in machine language, but uses the only RAM available to an unexpanded Astrocade: screen RAM. Thus, the program is visible on screen. This must have been a tough program to put together because the RAM that is used is not contiguous.
Super Slope - Finished Course

Susie - The Girl of 1,000 Faces - Video Wizards

Susie - The Girl of 1,000 Faces
Susie - The Girl of 1,000 Faces - Ain't She Pretty?