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Download digitally archived Bally Arcade tape programs that will load with "AstroBASIC" (the BASIC with the built-in tape-interface).

Astro Zap 2000 Astro Zap 2000.
Arcadian 4, no. 9 (Jul. 06, 1982): 88. (Original "AstroBASIC" Listing)
Arcadian 6, no. 10 (Aug. 24, 1984): 89. (Reprint)
Tape SB-G15. (Free Program)

These are the instructions from the July 1982 issue of the Arcadian:

Astro Zap is similar to the commercial arcade game Space Zap by Midway, only you don’t need a quarter to play. It will keep score for up to four humans, using 1 hand control for each. When you RUN the program, input the number of players from the keypad. When the game starts you will use only the joystick to fire back at the invading missiles. No trigger is necessary. You will receive 250 points for each missile you eliminate. A Kamikaze will orbit your space fortress at random intervals. You must shoot it down before the second orbit or it will dive into you. Each human begins with three bases and will be awarded a bonus base every 10,000 points. As points accumulate the missiles will travel faster until you can no longer keep up with the onslaught. If the missile hits the base there will be a terrible explosion which goes on and on and on. If you get sick of watching yourself explode, pull the trigger to abort the fireworks. This will bring up the next player’s turn. The only other use of the trigger is at the GAME OVER display if you wish to start a new game.

Astro Zap 2000 was the $100 prize winner in the July 1982 issue of the Arcadian.

Robot Command Robot Command.
Author Unknown.

Archive Note: Michael White stated, "Robot Command came on a tape from George Moses. I'm not sure it's his work as he sent me a bunch of stuff from Bruce Brigden."

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