Sinfonia to Cantata No. 29

Left: Johann Sebastian Bach (1686 - 1750)

Tape 5:
Sinfonia to Cantata by George Moses Co.
     "A long, 4180 note classic that will leave you breathless. Uses screen memory for storage. Plays first 3268 notes, then a 9-second silence while the last 912 notes load from tape. Then it finishes in a crescendo."   - Arcadian, Vol 4, No. 12, Pg. 122.
Title: Sinfonia to Cantata No. 29
Note: When loading this program it is normal to see "garbage" fill the screen-- that is the program itself. Also, do not stop the program from loading after the music begins (there is still about two minutes of program to load play-- and yes, most of it is silence).