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     Download digitally archived Bally Arcade tape programs that will load with AstroBASIC (the BASIC with the built-in tape-interface).

Bally Chess Board "Bally Chess Board"
By John Collins.
ARCADIAN, 6, no. 11/12 (Oct. 31, 2984): 120. (Program Listing)

Arcadian program found in Bob Fabris collection. This program was originally offered for Bally BASIC in a classified ad in for $6.00 in 1979. Later it was printed in the "Arcadian" newsletter.

Bally Chess Board Screenshot - Screenshot in Tape Picture Area

Checkers (III) Checkers (III), 1982

Paul Thacker says, "Attempts to make a complete checkers game with AI. It's buggy, though. I suppose the previous two versions were even buggier."
Treasures of Cathy "Treasures of Cathy"
By John Collins.
Source: Tape from the "Bob Fabris Collection."

On February 3, 2008, Paul Thacker noted:

Two programs by John Collins [have been archived from tapes in the "Bob Fabris Colelction] --Treasures Of Cathy and Checkers (III). These two programs are an example of something only mentioned as a brief text ad in the Arcadian. Of known programs, ones like this are probably the least likely to be archived, so I'm glad to get a few. Treasures Of Cathy seems like a fairly complex dungeon-crawler type game. I didn't get very far, though. If anyone can figure out how to get through the door, let me know.

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